New Builds & Construction Services
in St. Louis,Missouri

With the ever-burgeoning population reaching unprecedented heights each year here in the STATE County, STATE region due to out-of-state transplants, the accustomed/average growth of local families, and the recent spike in potential employment, it's safe to say that the housing and real estate market has definitely been impacted. And more specifically, the industries responsible for the building & construction of homes, structures & commercial properties as well the maintenance & upkeep required for already-existing properties. (Not to mention the eventual revival/renewal of said properties that is often manifested through aspect-specific remodeling services or customized renovation coverage.)

With that in mind, our construction experts boast not only decades of experience in remodeling/renovating specific aspects of the property, such as the bathroom(s) or kitchen, but they also possess the efficacy to affect those same quality-driven services into a (pre)construction role. This often includes (but assuredly is not restricted to!) project management, full/partial property designs, permit mediation, material procurement, inspections & logistics, as well as local contractor referral(s).

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Project Management Services in St. Louis,MO

Our in-house construction experts are always available to provide consultation services in addition to managing the progress of your construction project. Listed below is a brief synopsis of how our project management services work and what they often entail.


Site Assessment & Consulations

By visiting the job site firsthand and becoming familiarized with its layout (both structural and terrain-wise), our construction crews are able to provide invaluable feedback on the project. Commonly this involves providing timeframes for scheduling and project completion, a tentative budget for the undertaking, as well as having the opportunity to include the client directly when beginning to initiate the mapping and design phase of the construction project.

Mapping & Design

With the initial site assessment and consultation stage now thoroughly complete, our design team will work in tandem with the customer directly to incorporate custom/personalized design elements and ultimately map out the construction project. After the first round of plan sets and blueprints have been rendered, our project managers can now submit for permitting and begin amassing construction supplies and building materials.

Materials & Logistics

While materials are definitely one of the aspects in a typical construction project that tends to garner the most attention, it's also important for the progression of the new build to be steadily consistent as well. This often entails submitting for permits, scheduling (pre)inspections, and coordinating the on-site labor/construction of the new construction project.

Construction & Installation

Now that the design for the new build has been submitted/approved and our labor force that is assigned to the new construction project has been orchestrated around the convenience of our client, our construction crews can begin in earnest to actuate the plan set and bring the original vision to life! During this final stage of the construction project we have been coordinating/managing thus far, it's crucial for enriching communication between contractor and customer to be open, and adherence to the predetermined schedule be diligently maintained.

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