Flood & Fire Damage Restoration Services
in St. Louis,Missouri



Flood Restoration Coverage

The physical damage combined with the added stress of having your home or business flooded can be as tiresome as it is terrible. Having to consider electrical damage, structural effects, harmful bacteria growth, aesthetics, and functionality of your home is not something that comes about every day to an average client. However, here at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc, we are very familiar with addressing. We take pride in providing our customers with such a valuable service when they’re in need.

  • Site Assessment
  • Customized Restoration
  • Material & Labor Logistics
  • Coding & Permitting Assurances
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Fire Damage Restoration Services
in St. Louis,Missouri



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Fire Restoration Coverage

While it’s a widely known fact that fires are a severe risk factor and pose a genuine threat to the structure or integrity of a building, it’s often overlooked what other effects the damage from a fire can inflict. Smoke damage, for instance, is very invasive because it has many forms of damage and remains an ongoing threat to health and safety. Residues - dry, wet, protein, and fuel oil - are some of the many harmful types of smoke damage resulting from fire accidents. Our teams are highly proficient in removing and eliminating the unsightliness of the residues and the health hazards they represent.

CRB will assist with all aspects of your insurance claim. We will work directly with your insurance company and ensure that your home is repaired to the quality you deserve. Rest at ease and allow us to take the burden of the often complicated insurance claim process and restore your home to its former glory.

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