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The staff at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc has a broad range of knowledge and expertise to offer the general contractor industry. We provide a wide range of services, including painting, drywall repair, texture replacement, crown molding installation, floor repair, interior and exterior handyman work, and much more. Along with door and window replacements, we are also capable of remodeling bathrooms and kitchens. Creative Renovations & Building, Inc is pleased to be acknowledged as a highly rated general contractor in the Fenton, Missouri region and is proud of the lasting relationships we have established with residential clients. Our qualified contractors are prompt, trustworthy, and qualified. We never overbook, give out false promises, or arrive late. Due to the extensive skills of our craftsmen, we are able to offer the absolute best handyman services, delighting customers who entrust us to maintain their homes year after year. We avoid material markup with our efficient, cost-effective repair services, which will save you time and money without compromising the integrity of the repairs. We are aware that our clients will notice our attention to detail and high-caliber work when looking for a professional general contractor. We look forward to working on your project and would be happy to make improvements to your house or just fix something unusual. Our expertise in exterior, interior, kitchen and bathroom remodeling allows us to maximize the project's quality while adhering closely to your desired budget. Creative Renovations & Building, Inc is widely known for our construction and renovations from small to large projects, we want to provide you with the best contractor services in the greater Fenton, Missouri area. Give our friendly team a call for more information about our services!


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All of your general contracting requirements For many years, Creative Renovations & Building, Inc has worked on remodeling projects in Fenton, Missouri, and the surrounding areas. We are the top general construction company in Fenton, Missouri, and we have all the necessary bonds, permits, and insurance for building and constructing commercial buildings. We also take great pride in the fact that we are locally owned and run. We provide a full range of construction services to our clients as a general contractor, including design-build, renovation, remodeling, upgrades, drywall repair, painting, molding, and floor and tile repair, among other things. Our business is committed to creating enduring relationships with its customers by exceeding their expectations and providing them with high-quality services at competitive prices. Through the provision of imaginative, high-quality designs, plans, permits, and material selections all under one roof, Creative Renovations & Building, Inc give its clients peace of mind. You will value our knowledge and innovation in our industry whether we are constructing a small retail store with limited space or a sizable office complex. The only consideration when choosing a contractor for your commercial project should be quality. Our customers are confident in us from beginning to end. Our team is among the best from the initial consultation through design and implementation. We manage all phases from the initial concept to putting the finishing touches on your newly renovated space. Creative Renovations & Building, Inc is here to make your life easier during the commercial remodeling process or a simple handyman project. Give our team a call for more information about our services!

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We take great pride in completing your residential construction project on schedule and within your projected budget at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc. We are experts at taking streamlined complex renovation projects in Fenton, Missouri, and delivering cost-effective solutions with little to no downtime for your company and employees. We are the most seasoned and dependable residential renovation contractors in the Fenton, Missouri area. Many of our clients are surprised by how affordable renovating their homes or condominiums in Fenton, Missouri can be compared to commercial projects. Residential renovations can differ significantly from commercial projects in this regard. Our team has the know-how to finish the project on schedule and within your budget, giving you a space you can be proud of. Our contractors at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc in Fenton, Missouri can do the job skillfully whether you're creating a new kitchen, remodeling an existing home, or remodeling your current bathroom to better suit your current needs. Our team has successfully overseen tens of thousands of custom remodels and residential and commercial renovations in Fenton, Missouri, over the last few years. The majority of expectations and requirements are comparable, but every business owner runs their business differently. The contractors at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc will sit down with you, go over your needs, and create a plan that will streamline and simplify your renovation or remodel. Give our crew in Fenton, Missouri a call today to see what we can do for your home's property.


Flood Restoration Services in Fenton, Missouri

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The small amount of money you save by not using proper waterproofing when the home is built can cost you a lot of money to fix when water appears in your basement after one or two years, or even sooner. We provide the state of Fenton, Missouri with expert commercial, and residential roofing, and waterproofing. Waterproofing experts at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc have helped Fenton, Missouri homeowners across the country for decades, by identifying the source of leaks, flooding, groundwater seepage, and musty odors. With a range of waterproofing and moisture control solutions available through Creative Renovations & Building, Inc, your local Fenton, Missouri dealer will install the right solution for your basement or crawl space. Creative Renovations & Building, Inc products address every major basement or crawl space problem, including moisture intrusion, flooding, leaky windows, structural rot, and excessive humidity. The best, most trusted basement waterproofers for your Fenton, Missouri home are those who can diagnose the source of the problem and have the training, expertise, and experience to design and install an effective system that keeps your basement dry. It’s important you choose a basement waterproofer based on the proposed solution, the quality of materials, the reputation of the contractor, and the price. Remember you only want to waterproof your basement once! After the work is completed, enjoy your dry basement for storage, finishing, laundry, and entertainment. Our skilled professionals in Fenton, Missouri are trained to handle any job you may need to be done, our waterproofing reputation is pristine and we plan on keeping it that way.