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While it is true that during the various new construction services that our all-accommodating approach towards providing those contracted services is readily apparent, often the very reason why we are hired in the first place, the same value can be applied to our coverage and application of construction services towards properties that are already built/constructed.

Having said that, it's been shown through our years of experience in the local St. Louis County, Missouri construction industry that narrowing down the specific goals of our clients and implementation of a budget for a renovation or remodeling project is absolutely essential. Which, for the convenience of all parties involved with a residential remodeling or renovation project, we offer complimentary construction consultations for such home improvement endeavors. (Regardless of the size, scope, dimension, or complexity of the project.)


We Offer Whole Home Improvement ‒ Including Both
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Home Improvement Services & Coverage in St. Louis,MO

By and large, a person's home here in St. Louis, Missouri is much more than a simple squared structure with a few doors & windows to allow for navigation & circulation throughout the property. One's home is a milestone of sorts in many ways and goes a long way towards achieving a part of the American Dream. To that effect, we specialize is in reviving, revamping, & completely revitalizing local homes, houses, & properties here in St. Louis, MO.


When remodeling or renovating a property's kitchen, it is highly recommended to approach the home improvement project with as much preparation and preventative planning as possible. For instance, most kitchen remodeling or renovation projects involve several phases/stages that have the potential to become painstaking if one is unfamiliar with the process, such as replacing/upgrading utility lines to accommodate and update to appliances/hardware. As such, our remodeling and renovation experts here at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc are well-versed in remodeling and renovating kitchens of all shapes, sizes, and aspirations. From replacing the old flooring & cabinetry that houses your particulars to the crown molding that gracefully adorns your walls, our seasoned pros are your best bet for success!


While updating, creating, or (re)designing a property's pantry is not necessarily as elaborate or intricate as renovating/remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, there are still many challenges and potential pitfalls that are best navigated under the direction of our experienced, local contracting company in the St. Louis County, MO region. Maximizing space, reducing clutter, and providing otherwise unattainable storage for our clients are but a few of the many reasons why it's worthwhile to explore the renovation and remodeling services we offer for the pantries of our local customers.


Renovating or remodeling a bathroom can be an elaborate, complicated enterprise to the untrained or inexperienced. Factoring in the many variables or "moving parts" that is often associated with such renovational endeavors, such as capping off the plumbing/water lines if you are replacing the bathtub, shower, vanity, toilet, or sink, it’s readily apparent as to why many residents and homeowners here in St. Louis County, Missouri prefer to recruit out industry-leading bathroom remodeling and renovation services. Feel free to call ahead of time to schedule an on-site assessment of the property’s bathroom.

Water Heaters

Safely and adequately installing a water heater can be tricky business here in St. Louis County, Missouri; especially in the midst of a renovation project or property remodel. From successfully lining up the connections and utility lines (electrical/solar, water, and sometimes natural gas), to ensuring that the water heater is level and securely fastened, you can rest assured that if you hire our professionals to install a water heater, it will be done quickly, efficiently, and will stand the test(s) of time!

Laundry Rooms

Maintaining a clean wardrobe is an all-too-important aspect in life that nearly everyone loathes; especially if their laundry room and its subsequent "amenities" or "accommodations" is severely lacking in both modernization and overall spatial capacity. Having said that, our teams of remodeling and construction gurus here at Creative Renovations & Building, Inc have successfully constructed, converted, and renovated a multitude of laundry rooms on behalf of our valued clients and customers here in St. Louis County, MO! If you are interested in exploring our expansion, renovation, remodeling, or construction options regarding your property's laundry room, we would love to hear from you directly!

Renovations & Remodeling

One of the most popular and often, effective, ways to provide your property with a new lease on life is through initiating a single or series of renovations or remodeling projects. These remodeling and renovation endeavors typically target key amenities and elements of a property, such as the bathroom(s), kitchen, living quarters, and rooms designated for laundering wearable attire or articles of clothing.

Appliances & Custom Conversions

An oft-overlooked and under-explored option during a property improvement endeavor (such as a luxury remodels or custom renovation), is the coordination and installation of the new, modernized appliances that are commonly a vital aspect of the renovation/remodeling project. Furthermore, the need to convert or alter the housing of those same appliances is another critical component of a property's renovation project that can be neglected if one is unaccustomed to what an all-inclusive remodeling enterprise actually entails. With that in mind, our in-house renovation professionals and remodeling specialists are very proficient at installing various appliances and live-in amenities such as ovens, water heaters, washers/dryers as well as customizing housing and converting an existing room for seamless accommodation.

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