Our Services Offered
in St. Louis, Missouri

We're firm in our belief that an all-inclusive approach towards rendering our various restoration (fire/water) services, remodeling/addition options, or fulfulling any [new] construction capacities is absolutely essential to a timely project completion & a beyond-contented client.

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Restoration Services
in St. Louis, Missouri

To best serve our valued clientele here in St. Louis, Missouri with reliable restoration services, we are proud to offer extensive restoration coverage for both fire damage as well as flood/water damage.

Remodeling Services
in St. Louis, Missouri

Our remodeling experts are well-versed at a wide array of remodeling options; including remodeling services for interiors, exteriors, bathrooms, kitchens, pantries, & closets.

Renovation Services
in St. Louis, Missouri

Another key area of our construction-based coverage here in St. Louis, Missouri is our inclusion of renovation services, renovation options, & renovation capacities.

Property Additions
in St. Louis, Missouri

Whether it's broadening out a stifling bedroom or completely revamping the layout of a current property, our property additions are an effective method of home improvement.



Why Choose Creative Renovations & Building, Inc?

Choosing a trusted & respected contractor to oversee your commercial or residential building or renovation project can prove daunting at first glance. Furthermore, with the high demand for renovations and remodels, the unwary can fall victim to less than professional swindlers and experience budgeting and quality issues for their projects. Avoid the stress and hire the best.

Why We're Effective

In order to ensure the success of our restorations, additions, remodels, or construction services, we take the time to not only implement our decades of relatable experience but to also include the needs & preferences of our clients as well.






Welcome to Creative Renovations and Building, the top-notch firm for home addition and remodeling. We are a full-service company that delivers first-class quality workmanship with a full commitment to work for the highest client satisfaction. Our experience in this industry and outstanding relations with manufacturers and suppliers allow us to outperform other contractors and go past your expectations by supplying your needs at their best and by offering all these within a reasonable budget. Call today and we will get you started! 636-940-1974.



How We Can Help

Please contact our on-staff experts if you are interested in learning more about our various areas of expertise; including our restoration (water/fire) services, remodeling options, renovation capacities, & property addition coverage.






By embracing a very client-specific approach towards performing our construction-related services, we've managed to not only consistently achieve the most desirable results of behalf of our various customers & clients but we've also been responsible for raising the service-bar overall in the local home improvement industry in St. Louis, Missouri. Moreover, we take into account the many variables that are commonly associated with home improvement-based coverage: materials, designs, consultations, labor, logistics, remodeling, renovations, restorations, new builds, & custom property additions.

Flood Restorations

Experiencing the ravages of a flood, oversaturation, or an abundance of pooling water can be an absolute nightmare to contend with; which is why we've made it one of our hallmarks to offer flood restoration services in St. Louis, MO to local customers in need.

Additions & Remodeling

During our decades of local construction-based coverage, we've discovered there are many options & opportunities aplenty when it comes to property additions & remodeling projects for one's home here in St. Louis, Missouri. Please be sure to contact us to learn more!

Fire Restorations

In addition to offering world-class flood & water restoration services on behalf of local clients experiencing a travesty, we are well-acquainted with the particulars of fire & smoke restoration services here in St. Louis, MO as well. Get in touch for addition info!


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