Renovations Services in Hazelwood, Missouri

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At Creative Renovations & Building, Inc, the little details matter. We aren't going to be satisfied with anything less than excellence with our work, and we know you will expect the same. We will complete a quality remodel or construction service while staying on time and on budget, every time. Our team in Hazelwood, Missouri will make sure the interruptions to your daily life are as minimal as possible, and you will love the finished project when our work is complete. A bathroom remodel is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake in your home. Most bathrooms are functional enough to get by, as long as they include the basic elements like a sink, toilet, and shower. But a truly special bathroom in Hazelwood, Missouri goes to another level by feeling like a retreat from the rest of your busy life. We believe everyone deserves this kind of escape, and we are proud to bring amazing bathroom spaces to life. When we are finished with our remodels, we can paint any remodel or match any part of your home with the color you choose.

Interior Improvements in Hazelwood, Missouri

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In many ways, your Hazelwood, Missouri kitchen often serves as the design centerpiece for the entire house. There are many opportunities to make a statement with your kitchen remodel. We can remodel bathrooms, electrical, flooring, and offer painting services for interior and exterior in Hazelwood, Missouri. Once you remodel your kitchen, it can set the tone for decisions you make around the rest of the house including paint colors. With our professional remodeling contractors and our premier construction services for exterior and interior throughout Hazelwood, Missouri, we can bring your home to life and make it everything you've always dreamed of. We do affordable work while maintaining an excellent quality of work with every project we maintain. No matter what type of interior improvements you need inside your Hazelwood, Missouri home, we can handle it with our certified professionals. Our friendly team of qualified contractors in Hazelwood, Missouri is ready for your call or email today for all of your renovations, remodeling, or construction work!


Exterior Improvement Services in Hazelwood, Missouri

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The outside of your house is often the first impression of your Hazelwood, Missouri household. Maintaining the exterior of your home and its structural integrity can also prevent more costly repairs in the long run. From gutter cleaning to siding repair and more, Creative Renovations & Building, Inc is the convenient, one-call solution to all of your exterior home projects, big and small. We can do landscaping, softscaping, patios, porches, outdoor lighting, foundations, and so much more. With Creative Renovations & Building, Inc in Hazelwood, Missouri, we can improve your landscape or all other services you need done. Decks and patios need to be fixed from time to time, our team can fix failing deck boards, railings, and damaged bricks, as well as other structural issues affecting the use, safety, or looks of your patio or deck. Give our team a call today to see what we can do and start planning out the process to bring the exterior of your property to life or repair a part of your property you need professionals for.

Property Additions in Hazelwood, Missouri

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Whether you have an older home that you'd like to modernize or your home suffered damage that requires extensive remodeling, a full remodel is a solid choice. Your Hazelwood, Missouri home should be a reflection of you; it should show your style and suit your needs. It's a good way to make sure your home's interior flows well and is designed the way you want it to be, without having to go through the challenges that can sometimes accompany a completely new custom home. At Creative Renovations & Building, Inc in Hazelwood, Missouri, our team of skilled professionals is here to help you create a home that fits your family and your lifestyle. We understand that whole-house remodeling is a big project, and we'll do our best to make it as fun and stress-free as possible so that you can come home to a house you love. No matter what type of addition you'd like to make your Hazelwood, Missouri property, our team of professionals can manage your project and ensure you are satisfied with the results.